Sunday, January 31, 2016

Work in Progress-Landscape- Acrylic on Canvas- 20 x 16

I often like to hang paintings that are not quite done yet and just kind of look at them for a few days. See where I need to tweek them here and there and then go back and finish them. First painting in awhile, feels good to paint again. Laid up with a medical issue almost 9 weeks, another 3 weeks for a full recovery. Will update this post upon completion, and the other two I hope soon, been laying around my studio for much too long now. Lord willing when I get back on my feet I hope to make 2016 one of the most prolific productive years to date! Wish me luck! Signing off for now!!! *********************************************************************************************************** ARTIST UPDATE: THIS IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS BUT ADDING 6 MORE PICS - THREE FROM INDOOR STUDIO LIGHTING AND THREE FROM OUTDOOR MORNING LIGHTING. I AM INCLUDING SEVERAL SHOTS FROM DIFFERENT ANGLES TO GIVE VIEWERS AN IDEA OF THE PROGRESSION OF THIS WORK AND HOW IT CAME ABOUT WITH THE VARIOUS COLOR AND VALUE CHANGES, COMPOSITIONAL ADJUSTMENT, ECT. I ALSO DO IT FOR MY OWN PERSONAL REFERENCE TO REFER BACK TO THE CHANGES DURING THE PROCESS. THANKS FOR LOOKING!
This painting will be completed and on Exhibit at Memorial Hospital's Rebels Center Gallery on the first week of February. It will be available for sale and includes free local pick up and delivery. Please contact this artist/seller for more info if interested! Price: $195.00 plus $30.00 shipping anywhere in the continental United States.

Acrylic on Canvas- 12 x 12 - "GRAZERS"

ARTIST NOTE: This painting will be on exhibit at Memorial Hospital's Rebel Center Gallery on February 1st 2016 and is available for purchase for $150.00, free local pick up and delivery. Contact this artist/seller for more details if interested. Thanks for looking!

Sunday, January 17, 2016


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Monday, December 21, 2015

Work in Progress --Landscape- Acrylic on Canvas -20 x 20

Artist Note: Here is a couple of updated Pics as this Painting progresses toward completion.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Rebels Center Gallery Exhibit- Framed 24 x 18 on Canvas - Acrylic- 'Five Trees"

Currently on Exhibit at Memorial Hospital's Rebels Center Gallery in Hollywood, Florida. "Five Trees" is currently available for Sale. Price $250.00 Free local pick up and delivery, contact this artist/seller for details. Out of area Shipping, UPS Ground 1-5 Days, Professionally and Carefully package, Insured to avoid transit damage. Shipping $40.00. Without Frame $25.00

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Landscape - 24 x 30 on Canvas-:" Day Dreaming at the Park"

Photographed several shots of this one to give viewers a better feel for this piece...This painting is on exhibit at Memorial Hospital Rebel's Center Gallery and is available for purchase. Price: $275.00 NOTE: Free Local pick up and delivery. Contact this artist/seller for more Infomation. Domestic Shipping rates $40.00 UPS Ground 1-6 days, Professionally package and insured to avoid transit damage.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Potted Flowers on Back Porch- Acrylic on Canvas- 24 x 30- Huge Wall Art

Finally got around to finishing this Landscape Floral today. Different from what I Imagined as you can see from the previous "Work in Progress post... but I am more than pleased with the end result. Perhaps I can tweek or twirk it a bit more here and there if I wanted but for now I'm going to call it a done deal. Due to personal family health related issues I havn"t been able to paint or spend much time in the studio for the past 6 weeks. I photographed more pics from different angles to give viewers a better feel for this painting. I enjoyed getting back to my paints and brushes. This painting was a joy to do. Hope you enjoy it...thanks for looking. It is now available for sale for anyone who may be interested. It's a huge Acrylic Landscape Floral that will complement any room in your home or office. Here's a few more pics. Enjoy!
Potted Flowers on Back Porch-